Optional Activities


Transfer service with Special Chevrolets

The ultimate way to travel in M Y A N M A R with luxurious replica of the old C H E V R O L E T bus . This hand- made construction combine old carriage fashion and modern comfort. Sound & heat proof and deep power-full engine. The interiors are made only by natural materials like iron wood and Shan cotton. 6 passengers armchair, driver and guide seat. Spare driver and luggage in separate cabin. Two separate air-con system, mini bar, down-light, wooden floor, 220 V socket with ups. Tea , Coffee & soft drinks are included in the services.


Trishaw Ride in the colonial area in the evening

The wooden body or carriage fixed to a bicycle with a third wheel supporting the body is designed to carry two passengers, once facing the front and the other facing the back.

This local transportation is used by many people since the olden days. They are convenient for short distance trips and into side streets and difficult to-get-to places.



Balloons Over Bagan

Imagine floating over thousands year old pagodas and the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River, as the sun sinks slowly behind distant mountains. Balloons over Bagan affords visitors a unique opportunity to see this ancient kingdom, as it ever has been before. The sunrise and sunset champagne flights last just under one hour and take off daily from October through to the end of March. The balloons are guided by gentle winds not exceeding 15mph, allowing passengers a serene and peaceful bird’s-eye-view of ancient temples drifting by. Using his skills, the pilot is able to guide the balloon to a gentle landing on the banks of the Ayeyarwaddy River, or in an open field, where the crew and the celebratory glass of champagne will be on hand.

The balloons are provided by Cameron Balloons Limited of the United Kingdom, the world’s largest manufacturer of hot air balloons, and the manufactures of the Breitling Orbiter. Commercial Passenger Ballooning enjoys the highest safety record of all forms of air transport. However, in line with the most established UK balloon operations, Balloons over Bagan carries third party and passenger liability insurance of USD 2 million, reinsured through Lloyds of London. The team is also fully trained in first aid. There are two balloons operating at the moment, one with eight passengers as maximum and another one is with six passengers as maximum. When we book the flights, we need to inform the passengers’ full names and their weights.

Balloons are operated only from October to March.


Alms-Offering Ceremony at ancient Monastery

Buddhism is the most important and the monks are considered as the respectful persons in our daily life in Myanmar. Donating the foods to the monks is the daily duty of Myanmar peoples and on the special occasions, we go to the monastery and offer the foods to the monks followed by the procession. We can celebrate this donation at ancient monastery by observing the daily life of Buddhist monks in Bagan.



Explorations Bagan by decorated bullock carts

Bagan is dotted with thousands of ancient pagodas, shrines, ordination halls and monuments. The whole area covers with over 2000 standing monuments and some are in ruins. In order to contemplate such as marvelous landscape, we can take the decorated bullock cart near the ruins of temples to spend your precious evening in Bagan.

Cocktail on the sand bank during the sunset


Special Temple Dinner

Don't miss this unforgettable experience to have special dinner near the ruin of the temples. For more details, please kindly contact us.


Sunset cocktail at U Bein bridge

This teak longest bridge is the best place to enjoy sunset in Mandalay. We can walk along the bridge by enjoying majestic landscape with its' local people. on the way back to starting point, we can take small boat and stop in the middle of the lake to enjoy the sunset with the background of this longest bridge.. During your sunset tour with small boat, we are serving cocktail with typical snake to complete your beautiful evening.

Donation at Orphanages school

There are some orphanages school at Sagaing Hill. We may visit to orphanage school and we can share our sympathy to the children by donating their necessary items.


Inle Lake

Traditional Regatta Festival of Unique Leg-Rowers

The romantic picture of the people standing at the stern of a slender boat, rowing with one leg with one leg with a backdrop of distant, mist shrouded mountains, the silence and tranquility disturbed only by the movements of the others on the water of the lake.

Imagine how would be splendid the regatta of those unique leg-rowers? We can bring your clients to observe this special occasion during their stay in Inle Lake. Really, it would be the essence of being in Inle Lake.

If the clients wish to join this event, we are able to organize. Then the groups can honor the prizes to the winners. During the procession, we can observe the demonstration of Inle fishing methods.

We can also arrange some drinks and snacks during the regatta on request.

Cooking class & local market trip

Local 5 days market in Inle lake area is colorful & full of the local product. We can organize to visit to local market in the morning where we can buy the necessary items by yourself to prepare the traditional dishes. During your visit to Local market, our chef will assist you for your convenience.


Private lunch at Hidden Intha village hous

 We organize traditional meal at a wonderful and authentic Intha house on the lake nearby the entrance of the canal. The village is hidden, out of tourist’s routes and not supplied with electricity. The house is lively; guests are welcome by the owners themselves running a production of handmade traditional cigars on the ground floor.


Exclusive lunch on the middle of the lake

Lunch served on a rice carrier boat in the middle of Inle Lake. The boat has been tuned into an ephemeral restaurant fully equipped. Exclusive experience for customers you want to amaze and surprise.


Private lunch in the vineyard of Red Mountain Estate overlapping Inle Lake

5 minutes’ walk from boat shore is necessary trough rice fields at the edge of an authentic village far of tourist’s path. Transfer from the village to the vineyard by oxcart for 30 minutes of forest trail up to a picnic place organized in the centre of the vineyard overlapping the lake.


This vineyard is owned by Pao ethnic group organization employing a genuine French wine maker to process their harvest to magnificent wine recognized as the best wine produced in Asia.

On arrival, aperitif would be offered. A traditional Pao house in bamboo and wood has been built for this exclusive discovery lunch is served with the wine of the Estate. Waiters are dressed in authentic Pao costumes. After lunch, a guided visit of the Estate and vinery is organised before transfer back.

Shan Fire Balloons

The people makes hot air balloons and set them off flying for offering the light to the Sulamani Pagoda in Tawadeinta Heaven, built by the King of Celestial Beings, and enshrined the relic of the Buddha’s hair, so they say.

Making the balloons with papers is one of the traditional arts of Shan people. Since the olden days; people usually make different sizes of balloons with decorated patterns, such as birds, tigers and other desired forms. Still we are celebrating this ceremony in Taungyi "Capital of Shan State" in November.

For this beautiful even that we can arrange exclusive for our group and the group logo would be appear in the balloons & we can participate to release the balloons after the dinner. The cocktail will be set up upon your request.


Night Market

We can create night market bazaar in the hotel compound by displaying the traditional foods and snacks, local products such as cloths, textiles & astrologer, massage, traditional medicine and other animations. Also we can include small cocktail in this night market before dinner time.

Exclusive Gifts during the Trip in Myanmar


During the transfer from the airport to the hotel, we offer handmade Myanmar bag containing map of Myanmar.

Moreover, we may provide special gifts upon your request. Please be so kind to see the gift set in below in order to get an idea for your group.

An elephant statue made with sandalwood. Monk statue made with sandalwood Lacquer ware box which you can put
welcome letter or whatever as one of
the memorial item.